FASST is an Acronym that stands for:


The MINDSET; concentrated effort; decisions made in advance; the ability to utilize fear and decide without distraction or hesitation on a course of action: (i.e. centered to the point of being unwavering in the face of overwhelming odds, death etc.).



Voluntary or intended behavior as opposed to forced behavior/being Proactive vs. reactive. Those definable observable acts that demonstrate ones commitment: (I.e. physically engaging in conflict not of panic but wisdom).



Individual characteristics gained through experience and training. The physical capabilities one possesses: i.e. explosive speed, endurance, trauma conditioning, timing, range, reflexive and instinctive reaction as well as proactive/ offensive limitations, etc.



Long term aims: the ability to develop, create, adapt, perceive; to devise a plan of action to achieve a goal/result,



“THE TOOLBOX” – The methodology of finding and implementing the means to achieve particular immediate short term aims. (The science of organizing and maneuvering – in battle, to achieve a limited and immediate aim. i.e. using the set maneuvers for defending oneself from a slashing knife or a front thrust kick).